Firecraft PKO


I am very excited to announce the newly designed Firecraft PKO!  The PKO will be a duel purpose platform with two variations. The first being the standard PKO or Puukko style knife with a production Scandinavian grind. This design will be perfect for outdoor/bushcraft type tasks. The second style will have a high saber grind which is a perfect choice for food prep or every day tasks and will be a perfect size  for an edc fixed blade.  

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I decided to design an SFK. For those that don't know what an SFK is... it is an attitude adjustment device or a Single Finger Knuckle. 

The Helios will have an area for storage and a specially designed lanyard hole. I will share more soon!  

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The fire pit grill / rocket stove concepts is currently being tested and modified. This 4 piece panel construct locks together giving you the option to have a fire pit and grill or a rocket style stove for your morning coffee. Currently testing both Titanium and Stainless steel options and working on adding a cutting board option. 

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Knife Concepts


2022 is the year of creativity! With the new shop well underway my hope is to start producing larger quantities of product as well as many new product designs.   Keep an eye out for new collaborations and limited run gear! 

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