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I am very excited to announce the newly released Firecraft PKO!  The PKO will be a duel purpose platform with two variations. The first being the standard PKO or Puukko style knife with a production Scandinavian grind. This design will be perfect for Bushcraft type tasks. The second style will have a high saber grind which is a perfect choice for food prep or every day tasks and will be a perfect size  for an EDC fixed blade. 

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The Omni fire pit grill / rocket stove concepts is currently being tested and modified. This 3 piece panel construct locks together giving you the option to have a fire pit with grill insert or a rocket style stove for your morning coffee. Currently testing both titanium and food grade stainless steel options. I am also working on adding a cutting board option which the stove would nest into. 

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The Stash has an area for storage milled within the body and a unique lanyard hole for quick and easy lanyard changes. The cover plate is magnetic and interchangeable for other materials choices in the future. I will share more soon!  

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Looking for product design services or possibly a project collaboration? lets talk!  

- Concept sketching & development

- CAD modeling

- Product renderings

- 3D printing & prototyping 

- Limited production work

- Graphic and logo design

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